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The Palme d'Or goes to "Anora" by Sean Baker

The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most prestigious events in the film industry, showcasing the finest in global cinema. The main competition of the festival features a selection of feature films that compete for the coveted Palme d'Or and other significant awards. The 2024 edition of the festival was no exception, highlighting outstanding works from renowned and emerging filmmakers. Here are the highlights and winners of the 2024 Cannes Film Festival main competition:

Palme d'Or: "Anora" by Sean Baker

Country: United States | Year of Production: 2024 | Duration: 138 minutes

The top honor of the festival, the Palme d'Or, was awarded to "Anora," directed by Sean Baker. The film tells the story of Anora, a young sex worker from Brooklyn who unexpectedly marries the son of an oligarch, only to face threats to her newfound fairytale life when his parents from Russia attempt to annul the marriage. Baker's film captivated the jury with its poignant narrative and compelling character portrayals.

Grand Prix: "All We Imagine as Light" by Payal Kapadia

Country: France, India, Netherlands, Luxembourg | Year of Production: 2024 | Duration: 114 minutes

The Grand Prix, the festival's second-highest honor, was awarded to "All We Imagine as Light" directed by Payal Kapadia. Set in Mumbai, the film follows Nurse Prabha and her younger roommate Anu, as they navigate their personal desires and relationships amidst the chaos of city life. The film's delicate exploration of intimacy and routine resonated deeply with audiences and critics alike.

Award for Best Director: Miguel Gomes for "Grand Tour"

Country: Portugal | Year of Production: 2024

Miguel Gomes won the Best Director award for his film "Grand Tour." Gomes' masterful direction and innovative storytelling in this cinematic journey earned him high praise and recognition for his exceptional contribution to the art of filmmaking.

Jury Prize and Award for Best Actress: "Emilia Pérez" by Jacques Audiard

Country: France | Year of Production: 2024 | Duration: 130 minutes

"Emilia Pérez," directed by Jacques Audiard, received the Jury Prize and the Award for Best Actress. The film stars Selena Gomez as Rita, an overqualified lawyer working for a firm focused on defending criminals. The narrative takes a dramatic turn when cartel leader Manitas hires her to help him transition into the woman he has always dreamed of becoming. Gomez's performance was lauded for its depth and emotional intensity.

Special Prize: "The Seed of the Sacred Fig" by Mohammad Rasoulof

Country: Germany, France, Iran | Year of Production: 2024 | Duration: 168 minutes

Mohammad Rasoulof's "The Seed of the Sacred Fig" was honored with a Special Prize. The film's rich storytelling and profound exploration of cultural and social themes earned it a special place in the festival's lineup.

Award for Best Actor: Jesse Plemons in "Kinds of Kindness"

Country: United States | Year of Production: 2024

Jesse Plemons received the Award for Best Actor for his performance in "Kinds of Kindness." Plemons' portrayal of a complex and nuanced character stood out, showcasing his remarkable talent and range as an actor.

Award for Best Screenplay: Coralie Fargeat for "The Substance"

Country: France | Year of Production: 2024

Coralie Fargeat won the Award for Best Screenplay for "The Substance." Fargeat's writing was praised for its originality, sharp dialogue, and intricate plot, making it a standout piece in the competition.

CST Award for Technical Artist (Cinematography): Daria D'Antonio for "Parthenope"

Country: Italy | Year of Production: 2024

Daria D'Antonio was awarded the CST Award for Technical Artist for her exceptional work in cinematography on "Parthenope." Her visual artistry and technical proficiency contributed significantly to the film's aesthetic and storytelling.

Young Film Technician Prize: Evgenia Alexandrova for "Les Femmes au Balcon (The Balconettes)"

Country: France | Year of Production: 2024

Evgenia Alexandrova received the Young Film Technician Prize for her cinematographic work in "Les Femmes au Balcon (The Balconettes)." Alexandrova's talent and innovation were recognized, highlighting her as a rising star in the film industry.

The 2024 Cannes Film Festival main competition showcased a diverse and exceptional array of films and talents. From the powerful narrative of "Anora" to the intimate exploration in "All We Imagine as Light," the festival celebrated the best of contemporary cinema. The awarded filmmakers and actors have set new standards for storytelling and artistic expression, reaffirming Cannes' role as a premier platform for cinematic excellence.


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