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The 2024 Un Certain Regard Competition: Celebrating Unique Cinematic Voices

Un Certain Regard is a section of the Cannes Film Festival that runs parallel to the main competition. It showcases works that offer a unique perspective and demonstrate originality in both storytelling and direction. This category aims to recognize and celebrate the innovative spirit of contemporary filmmakers from around the world. The 2024 Un Certain Regard competition has concluded, and the award winners have been announced, highlighting a diverse array of talent and storytelling prowess.

Un Certain Regard Prize 2024: "Gou Zhen (Black Dog)" by GUAN Hu

Country: China | Year of Production: 2024 | Duration: 106 minutes

The top prize was awarded to "Gou Zhen (Black Dog)" directed by GUAN Hu. The film is set on the edge of the Gobi desert in Northwest China and follows Lang, who returns to his hometown after being released from jail. As he works with the local dog patrol team to clear the town of stray dogs before the Olympic Games, Lang forms an unlikely bond with a black dog. This poignant narrative explores themes of loneliness and companionship, capturing the essence of human and animal connections.

Best Actor and Jury's Prize: "L’HISTOIRE DE SOULEYMANE" by Boris LOJKINE

Country: France | Year of Production: 2024 | Duration: 92 minutes

"L’HISTOIRE DE SOULEYMANE," directed by Boris LOJKINE, won both the Best Actor and Jury's Prize. The film follows Souleymane, a meal delivery cyclist in Paris, as he prepares for his asylum application interview. With just two days to ready himself, Souleymane's story unfolds through his relentless efforts and the challenges he faces. The film’s lead actor, Abou Sangare from Guinea, received the Best Actor award for his compelling performance.

Best Director (Ex-Aequo): Rungano NYONI for "On Becoming a Guinea Fowl"

Country: Zambia | Year of Production: 2024

Rungano NYONI, acclaimed for her earlier works and BAFTA-winning debut, won the Best Director award ex-aequo for her latest film, "On Becoming a Guinea Fowl." Born in Zambia and based in Lisbon, Nyoni's filmography includes notable titles like "I'm Not a Witch." Her new film continues her exploration of individual struggles against societal norms, this time with a fresh and innovative narrative.

Best Director (Ex-Aequo): Roberto MINERVINI for "The Damned"

Country: Italy | Year of Production: 2024

Roberto MINERVINI, known for his insightful portrayals of American rural life, shared the Best Director award for "The Damned." Minervini's unique approach blends documentary and dramatized elements, capturing the raw realities of marginalized communities. His film stood out for its authentic storytelling and powerful visual style.

Best Actress: Anasuya SENGUPTA for "The Shameless"

Country: India | Year of Production: 2024

Indian actress Anasuya SENGUPTA won the Best Actress award for her role in "The Shameless." Sengupta, born in Kolkata, has made significant contributions to the film industry both as an actress and a production designer. Her award-winning performance in "The Shameless" highlights her exceptional talent and dedication to her craft.

Youth Award: "Vingt Dieux (Holy Cow)" by Louise COURVOISIER

Country: France | Year of Production: 2024 | Duration: 90 minutes

The Youth Award was given to "Vingt Dieux (Holy Cow)" directed by Louise COURVOISIER. The film tells the story of Totone, an 18-year-old who must take care of his younger sister and make a living by making the best Comté cheese in the Jura region. This heartfelt narrative captures the struggles and aspirations of a young man determined to secure a better future.

Special Mention: "Norah" by Tawfik ALZAIDI

Country: Saudi Arabia | Year of Production: 2023 | Duration: 94 minutes

"Norah," directed by Tawfik ALZAIDI, received a Special Mention. Set in a remote Saudi Arabian village in the 1990s, the film follows Nader, a schoolteacher and secret artist, who meets Norah and rekindles his passion for painting. Their connection defies societal restrictions, highlighting the universal human need for artistic expression and freedom.

The 2024 Un Certain Regard competition has once again celebrated a diverse range of cinematic voices, recognizing the creativity and innovation of filmmakers from around the globe. These award-winning films and performances not only enrich the global cinematic landscape but also inspire future generations of filmmakers to explore and push the boundaries of storytelling.


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