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Super Shorts Los Angeles 2023 Award Winners Unveiled

Super Shorts Los Angeles Film Festival is happy to announce another successful edition. Out of over a thousand submissions, an eclectic selection of 37 independent short films were selected to be showcased during the screenings at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute and through online streaming.

Festival curator Kris De Meester was more than pleased with this year's event. “How does one weave a compelling tale in just a few minutes? Short films wield a unique power, inviting audiences into their worlds effortlessly and leaving lasting impressions despite their brevity. The investment required is minimal, yet the potential for profound impact remains significant. I'm excited to dive into the process of selecting next year's films.”

Super Shorts LA Film Festival is pleased to share with you today the winners of this year's edition:

Best Narrative Film

Cataract (Denmark) by Jonatan Egholm Keis

Best Documentary Film

Fearless Juan (Colombia) by David Pombo

Best Experimental Film

Kiss/Crash (United Kingdom) by Adam Cole

Best Animated Film

Generation (United Kingdom) by Riccardo Fusetti

Best Underground Film

Motherboard (United States) by Rana Ghiassi

Best Music Video

Circle (United States) by Phillip Kaminiak

Best Super Short Film

Slaps (United States) by Angela Chen

Best Los Angeles Film

Just Right (United States) by Camille Wormser

Best Actor (Gender Neutral)

Matthew Del Negro in Black Dragon (United States) by Alexander Thompson

Best Director

Black Dragon (United States) by Alexander Thompson

Congratulations to all!


With annual film festivals in Los Angeles, London and New York, Super Shorts Film Festival highlights independent short film talent from around the globe. Talent Circle in London founded the Super Shorts International Film Festival in 2003, to focus explicitly on short films in all its forms and shapes. In its original incarnation, the festival came to an end in 2014. Inspired by that original movement, the Super Shorts Film Festival London was revived in 2018 at the Stephen Street location of the British Film Institute, and continued to emphasize lesser known, vanguard cinematic works and further its tradition of galvanizing budding talent. In 2021, under the wings of Cinematory LLC, Super Shorts Film Festival brought to life two new festivals at new exciting locations in New York and Los Angeles.

Super Shorts Film Festival creates an intimate atmosphere and space for unique visionaries and voices. True to their history, the different festivals screen films of both novices and veterans—with medium and low budgets—from all over the globe. Super Shorts Film Festival's goal is to create a warm, open atmosphere in which filmmakers, fans, critics, and producers can watch the films of emerging talents, explore new cinematic techniques and styles, and award cinematic excellence.

See you all next year!


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