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Roberto Strazzarino: Capturing the Heart of Friendship in "PENTACLUB"

Roberto Strazzarino, a seasoned self-taught filmmaker with an immersive connection to the golden era of Italian cinema, showcases his passion for storytelling in his recent film, "PENTACLUB." Born into the film industry, his journey commenced in the '60s, navigating the realms of visual storytelling and nurturing an enduring love for filmmaking that persists to this day.

What drove the creation of "PENTACLUB," and what were the main challenges?

Roberto Strazzarino (RS): "PENTACLUB" revolves around the friendship of five teenage boys in the '60s, signifying the transition from childhood to adulthood through rebellious acts. Street-casting natural teenage actors was crucial, and capturing the '60s vibe for costumes and production design posed significant challenges.

What aspect of the film brings you the most pride?

RS: Embracing filmmaking post-retirement is a source of immense pride. The film celebrates friendship both on and off-screen, involving a group of friends in production, including my wife for screenplay and friends for design without any professional background. A documentary, "Making of Pentaclub," details our journey.

How did your journey in filmmaking begin?

RS: Growing up amid Italian cinema, courtesy of my parents' involvement in Ferrania, sparked my fascination with moving images, leading me to self-teach during the 8mm film era.

What upcoming projects do you have in mind?

RS: "THE GREAT SILENCE," a feature film in its treatment stage, focuses on friendship within a detective story, acting as a sequel to "PENTACLUB."

What role do film festivals play for you?

RS: Film festivals serve as a platform to showcase my work to wider audiences and connect with industry professionals for future projects.

Any advice for filmmakers navigating the festival circuit?

RS: Setting up a strategic approach, considering festival locations, size, and age, coupled with a well-defined budget for submissions, is crucial.

Your view on the future of film?

RS: There's a competitive edge between films and series, where series' episodic nature seems more audience-friendly. I hope traditional films can maintain a significant market presence.


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