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Martinique International Film Festival and Cannes International Film Week Announce Merger, Pioneering a New Era of Digital Cinema

Martinique International Film Festival (MIFF) and Cannes International Film Week (CFW) proudly announce their merger, marking a significant milestone in the world of film festivals.

Founded in 2015 as a quarterly online showcase, MIFF quickly garnered attention for its commitment to showcasing diverse cinematic voices from around the globe. After eight successful editions, MIFF took a hiatus in 2018, only to return revitalized under the stewardship of Tarkovski Ltd in 2022. With a renewed vision and innovative approach, MIFF transformed into a dynamic online streaming platform, aligning with the evolving viewing habits of today's audiences.

Today, MIFF takes its pioneering spirit to new heights as it joins forces with CFW. By merging with CFW, MIFF solidifies its position as one of the most innovative digital film festivals, offering filmmakers unparalleled opportunities for exposure and industry recognition.

"This merger represents a seismic shift in the world of film festivals," said Kris De Meester, Director at MIFF. "By combining the strengths of MIFF and CFW, we are creating a platform that not only celebrates independent cinema but also pioneers new ways of engaging with audiences in the digital age."

The newly merged festival, Cannes International Film Week, will continue to uphold the values of artistic excellence, diversity, and accessibility that have defined both MIFF and CFW. Through curated programming, industry networking opportunities, and interactive digital experiences, the festival aims to champion emerging talent while providing a global stage for established filmmakers.

"We are thrilled to embark on this journey with MIFF," said Peter Bracke, Director at CFW. "Together, we have the opportunity to shape the future of digital cinema and redefine the festival experience for filmmakers and audiences alike."

The inaugural edition of Cannes International Film Week, the newly merged festival is slated to take place May 13, promising an exciting lineup of films from all over the world.

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