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Mammoth Film Festival™ 2022 First Film Festival To Give Out NFTs As Awards To Filmmakers And...

Mammoth Film Festival™ 2022 First Film Fests As Awards To Filmmakers And Livestream In Metaverse


Founded by Tanner Beard and Tomik Mansoori, the film festival is an all-media platform, celebrating global filmmakers, actors, creatives and their respective works, inclusive of the new NFT component.”— Mammoth Film Festival

MAMMOTH LAKES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 5, 2022 - Mammoth Film Festival™ is thrilled to partner with THiNK:NFT to offer filmmakers and festival goers a fully immersive NFT festival experience for their 2022 in-person festival. Mammoth Film Festival™, founded by Tanner Beard and Tomik Mansoori in 2017, is excited to announce they will be distributing NFTs to the winning filmmakers and actors at their closing Sunday night awards ceremony on February 6, 2022; the first film festival to set this precedent. In addition, the festival is currently streaming live access in the Metaversethrough partners and IN.LIVE, offering digital users never before experienced access to a film festival in this way.

Mammoth Film Festival™’s 2022 NFT festival partner, THiNK:NFT, is the new division of experiential media company THiNK:EXP, founded by Pink Floyd saxophonist and acclaimed technology entrepreneur Scott Page. With its focus on bringing together world-class talent, brands and artists to create the highest quality and ensure its enduring value, THiNK:NFT accelerates the complete IP-to-NFT Experience. An ensemble of strategic partners encompassing broad and specialized expertise across technology, entertainment, sports and the integrated arts, the THiNK:NFT team is resource-rich in software development, marketing and distribution. Each project is carefully selected and receives the passion and devotion worthy of iconic IP creators and their treasured communities of fans.

THiNK NFT is a diverse group of master developers, strategists, game theorists, token economics experts and community building influencers from the NFT Universe. The group partners with the most culturally significant NFT projects to facilitate most legendary NFT drops.

As part of the NFT activation at the 2022 festival, THiNK:NFT is the presenter of the Mammoth Film Festival™ Closing Night Ceremony and Awards Presentation to be held at Canyon Lodge. During this ceremony, each filmmaker that wins the signature physical festival 3-D Ice Glacier and Film Reel award, will ALSO be given the award as an NFT, designed by Festival Founder Tanner Beard and Graphic Artist Larry Soileau, and transformed into evolved official minted NFTs by NFT designer Matteo Santoro. Each NFT will include a free site from IN.LIVE to host and feature the award winners’ content. The awards will be immediately input into the recipients Metamask wallets, as the first film festival to ever award NFTs to its winners.

Mammoth Film Festival™’s Metaverse festival goers are able to experience live filmmaker panels, red carpets, events and the awards ceremony through Metaverse partner and Live Streaming partner IN.LIVE, providing worldwide access in a never-before-seen way for a physical film festival. Spatial is The Metaverse space for Streaming, Events, Culture and Exhibitions, already the home of incredible galleries, museums and 3D exhibits. IN.LIVE is a Creator-centric, all-in-one platform for sales, distribution and monetization of video content, providing Creators complete control of branding, programming, rights, and pricing.

Metaverse Live Stream Info: Via IN.LIVE: and

Mammoth Film Festival™ prides itself with being on the cutting edge of technology and trends, with VR experiences features since its 2018 inception, and in 2019 all award winners received Litecoin crypto tokens with their awards. Within a short time frame of the Litecoin awarding, the value shot up and filmmakers received a lovely reward. Several even cashed them in to fund future projects.

They were the first film festival to give out Crypto, and NOW will be the first to give out NFTs, in partnership with THiNK:NFT. The festival board and executive team will also receive the special edition NFT.

Below is a selection of eight of the highlighted NFT collections and artists to be shown at Mammoth Film Festival™’s Immersive NFT Exhibition from February 3-6th at the Minaret Theatre complex, an activation curated by the Mammoth Film Festival™’s Media and Partnerships Director Ali Lasky, Founder and CEO of The Influence, a leading influencer, publicity, branding and events agency, currently specializing heavily in the film, entertainment, lifestyle, hospitality and crypto/NFT arenas.

“We are so beyond excited to officially integrate NFTs into the 2022 festival. This has been an element we have been working to curate since early 2021 and a vision we were committed to seeing through. By the strategic alignment with THiNK:NFT, we are ecstatic to offer our 2022 award winners their very own Mammoth Film Festival™ award as a minted NFT. As a young festival, innovation and technology incorporated into the art of filmmaking, is definitely a focus of our festival vision, so the components of the Metaverse access and NFT Exhibit will truly add a unique element.” - Tomik Mansoori, Co-Founder, Mammoth Film Festival™

Featured 2022 Mammoth Film Festival THiNK NFT Exhibition Artists:

FRIDGITS: Founded by Twilight’s Ashley Greene-Khoury, her husband, filmmaker Paul Khoury, sister-in-law Sarah Khoury & close family friend Sophia Silva. The Fridgit team is a group of creative minds, designers & developers bringing worlds together through the comfort of digital food. Fridgits is a food-based NFT Project with 20 individual ingredient-illustrated characters living on the Ethereum Network. The Fridgits Roadmap is based around the concept of these ingredients and how they interact with each other. We have developed a structured system meant to build long-term community engagement and market growth using meticulously crafted gaming utilities. These utilities are meant to seriously compensate holders, collectors and traders while providing us the time and resources to build Fridgeport. The largest Metaverse marketplace that bridges the gap between the multi-trillion dollar physical food industry and the limitless possibilities of web3 integration. Fridgit Holders are our Partners in this journey! See you in Fridgeport!

A limited series collection of NFTs that captures actress Katie Cassidy embracing the art of self-love with the intention of empowering women and inspiring them to love themselves.

ME.SHE.WE: (Full Collection Info. by Katie Cassidy and NFT Dream Team). A limited series collection of NFTs that captures actress Katie Cassidy embracing the art of self-love with the intention of empowering women and inspiring them to love themselves. Available on OpenSea. Shot during Women’s History Month by celebrity photographers Drew and Derek Riker, Cassidy utilized a Love is Art cotton canvas along with black and white paint on her body to showcase her desire for women to appreciate, advocate and celebrate themselves.

THOTHS: The Hieroglyphs of the soul: Leigh J. McCloskey is one of the most gifted artists of our time, and yet still a relatively unknown figure in the art world. For decades he has been transforming his home studio into a living work of art, in which even the walls and furniture are imbued with his unique visual philosophy and unmistakable style. This living canvas has evolved, and represented not just unique aesthetics, but an entire Universe that one can explore. Through the innovation of NFTS + Web3 communities, McCloskey's work and philosophical journey can now, for the first time ever, be shared with a global audience and allow us to experience the awe and mystery of the greatest kept secret in contemporary art. Community members will be able to not only collect the artwork and receive community benefits, but unlock sacred mysteries woven into the work itself.

NOMAD BLVD: A collection of 3,500 Nomads created by and based on the iconic works of artist Isabelle Lago, including special edition pieces by 15 acclaimed artists. Your Nomad NFT doubles as membership to the BLVD, a place where artists, collectors and enthusiasts converge and collaborate on the future of the community and brand.

The Dollabyte Collection by World Renown Artist and Master Counterfeiter Arthur J. Williams With Luxury Utilities for the NFT Collection

DOLLABYTE: Created by renowned artist and master counterfeiter Arthur J. Williams Jr. will showcase his highly anticipated DollaByte NFT collection to drop in late February, which debuted a first sneak peek at Think:NFT’s NiftyAgenda by CoinAgenda event hosted by Michael Turpin at CES In Las Vegas January 10, as well as on the 80 foot LED screen at Zouk Nightclub in Las Vegas for their DollaByte CES Afterparty as ZEDD deejayed.

DollaByte NFT is the first official NFT collection by Arthur J Williams Jr. set to officially launch in February 2022. These 10,240 unique NFTs are launching on the Ethereum and Terra Blockchain. Williams is known internationally as one of the best counterfeiters in the world for replicating the unbreakable 1996 series $100 bill. After serving three consecutive prison sentences for this act, he became a self-taught artist, now world renowned and in high-demand, with top VIPS and celebrities commissioning his work weekly. He owns two art galleries – DaVinci’s Gallery, in Los Angeles and his native Chicago.

Arthur J Williams Jr. Dollabyte NFT Holders Utility: Fractional ownership in a real life rare watch collection will be stored at Sotheby’s and will be owned through the Dollabyte token. NFT holders can claim daily Dollabyte tokens by staking their NFTs. All royalties from the NFT collection will be given to Dollabyte to buy more rare watches for the collection and have more tokens available for staked NFTs. All NFT holders will be invited to exclusive Metaverse events including the first event where Arthur J. Williams Jr. will be painting live in the Metaverse. After completion of the art some of the attendees will receive NFTs of that art piece. 100 NFT holders from the Presale will be invited to a PRIVATE VIP YACHT PARTY in Miami for a meet and greet with Arthur. 1 NFT owner will receive a customized car, a Rolls Royce Ghost adorned with Arthur’s art. This NFT owner will collaborate with Arthur to create a custom skin on the car to make it a very personal experience. The last Rolls Royce Arthur produced sold for almost $800,000, effectively doubling the value of the car.

STANLEY: Find Stanley! Stanley exudes a sense of positivity and wonderment, inspiring all who witness his journey. Stanley is an iconic image that encompasses adventure and childlike curiosity that resides in us all. Each Stanley NFT is hand drawn by Stanley Feldermen with its own unique traits and features.

META BLOB WORLD: Blobs are survivors of the world's toxic waste environments. Grown from the hardships of sluggish negative energy, Blob's are creating a new virtual world of their own in the Meta Blob World. Blobs are a mirror reflection of the journey that humankind is experiencing during this transition from physical into the digital. Each Blob and family are hand drawn by Stanley Feldermen with their own unique traits and features.

TERENCE CRAWFORD BOXING WELTERWEIGHT CAMP: Terence Crawford boxing Welterweight World Camp and founder of NFT company PixlBrd designed to support athletes to grow their business by using NFT’s. Terence will show NFTs from his collection. Presented by Fightposium Comics, the NFTs are inspired by vintage comic book illustrations.

UAKARI: Uakari is the first of its kind luxury fashion brand that leverages cutting edge technology to deliver next generation collectibles merging fashion, creativity, art, culture, and gaming. Uakari is a creator lead organization, born in the Metaverse pioneering innovative fashion that redefines the boundaries of the physical and digital realities. Founded in 2021 by JP Ferro, Jackson Gilmore, Jared Szi, Kim Petry, and Glenn McMahon, the team's track record includes high-ranking positions at Dolce and Gabbana, Armani, Bored Ape Yacht Club and RTFKT. This dedicated team utilizes the latest in game engines, NFTs, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and augmented reality to create one of a kind virtual products. Inspired by the subjectivity of perception itself, Uakari creates viral optical devices, designs, experiences, and collectibles. The vision is clear, Uakari will change the way you see the universe. Coming Spring 2022.

HOUSE OF IVORY: House of Ivory is redefining what an NFT project is meant to be. This occultist community, wrapped in mystery, cryptic messages, and opportunity, is one grand science experiment that will reshape the world of NFTs. Each NFT is your membership to the House of Ivory DAO, which votes on community-led initiatives, and solely controls the project after the primary sale. Roadmap milestones and project utility includes the chance to partake in an inherent political structure, a plethora of interactive Metaverse games built in Three.js and Unity, lore shrouded in mystery and puzzles which if solved can give you great rewards, dynamic metadata mechanisms, the opportunity to receive value for your rugged NFTs, and above all else, a loving family.

SIFT: Director and visual effects artist Matteo Santoro presents SIFT, a narrative driven NFT project set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland riddled with malfunctioning war machines. Santoro wrote, directed, animated, and stars in SIFT. The 4 chapters sold out on Foundation in its first week and held the top position during its sale. All of the proceeds go towards development of the world of SIFT including a feature length film and a Metaverse video game.

The SIFT SOUL DRIVE project is an upcoming PFP that will give owners the chance to actually be IN the film as a futuristic hologram. Bridging the gap between sci-fi fans and the content they love. SIFT is utilizing the NFT world as a way to develop the universe by building with the community and connecting with the fans directly during the process. A synergistic experience that will continue to expand into a Transmedia franchise.

About Mammoth Film Festival™: February 3-6th, 2022 in Mammoth Lakes, CA -- Mammoth Film Festival™ aims to lead the charge for an ever-changing landscape of film and media. Founded by seasoned filmmakers Tanner Beard and Tomik Mansoori, the festival first premiered in 2018 and specialized as an all-media platform, celebrating varieties of filmmakers, actors, directors, writers, producers and their respective work. Mammoth Film Festival™ is a 501c-3 nonprofit festival benefiting the Mammoth Media Institute and Mammoth Film Summit programs. Regal with the wonderful town of Mammoth Lakes, CA as its beautiful backdrop, MammothFF is held annually each February at the Minaret Cinemas along with a variety of venues throughout town, and The Village serving as the festival hub. This 4-day festival includes Red Carpet World Premieres and Special Screenings, a slate of Educational and Interactive Panel Discussions with Top Film Industry Leaders, Q&A’s, Press Junkets, Premiere Parties, Live Performances and a large array of Experiential Elements leading up to their Closing Night Awards Ceremony. The 2022 festival is presented by Marina Studios and Compelling Pictures, along with THiNK:NFT, and partners inclusive of Resorts World Las Vegas, Zouk Group Nightlife, and PATH water.

For festival information, the full 2022 lineup and continued festival updates please visit: and download their IOS App to follow along for scheduling updates and real time festival news and badge registration.

@MammothFilmFestival #MammothFF

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