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‘Defiant’ Cannes Film Festival 2020 Kicks Off Amid Coronavirus Restrictions

The Cannes Film Festival kicked off on Tuesday after its postponement in May due to COVID-19.

Its 73rd edition will be a scaled-down one, given the tight lockdown restrictions currently enforced across France.

It will take place outdoors and will last three days, with only four competition titles being screened.

With many events cancelled due to the pandemic, this year’s edition “feels like a fight” on behalf of the entire sector, Exberliner Magazine editor David Mourikund told Euronews.

“Cannes has suffered enormously due to the COVID crisis,” he said, asit caused the city to lose approximately 940 million.

“It feels like an event which is done in a spirit of defiance, to show that the film industry is not dead despite having been very negatively impacted. But all in all, it’s more of a symbolic event than it is a normal film festival”.

According to Mourikund, the highlights of the festival will be “Beginning”, directed by Dea Kulumbegashvili — already “best film” at the San Sebastin International Film Festival — and the comedy “Les 2 Alfred” by Bruno Podalyds.

Watch the full Euronews Tonight interview in the player above.



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