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XV BIAFF (Batumi International Art-house Film Festival) will be held in Batumi during 13-20 September, 2020. Organizer of the film festival - Batumi Art-House "Argani", official partner -  Batumi City Hall. The film festival announces a special section - "COVIDEO" - for beginner or professional film-directors and for those interested in filming. The isolation from the Coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives and significantly changed our plans, but all of this has a bright side - this period can be quite interesting for artistic inspiration. Requirements for submitted films:

  • The theme of the film - the world seen in isolation, which can be conveyed in different ways - the cinematic reality in the forms and ways of adaptation, the search for "epistolary cinema" methods (visual rebuses), strange reports shot in different environments etc.

  • Film shooting period - preferably March 2020 – June, 2020

  • Timing - from 1 minute to 5 minutes.

  • Format - HD quality

For this section, the festival management will select 20 short films, which will be presented in the special competition section of BIAFF 2020 - "COVIDEO". The films will be screened on the big screen during the film festival and will be evaluated by both the jury and the audience in several nominations. Nominations of the competition section "COVIDEO": Jury Prize - The BIAFF 2020 Short Film Jury will announce the winner in the following nominations:

  • Best Short Film

  • Best Original Idea / Scenario

Audience / Audience Prize - will be revealed by voting. To do this, the films will be placed in the online space - on the youtube / Facebook channels of the film festival, and viewers will be able to vote for the so-called. Through "Like". Prize -  The winners of the winning films will be awarded by BIAFF Film Festival as follows:

  • BIAFF Voucher for attending the 2021 Film Festival - which includes the following:

            -          Accreditation for film festival (with the right to attend any film or master class)             -          5 nights accommodation and transportation to Batumi (including the transportation only                         within in Georgia)            -          Attend the opening / closing ceremony & banquet of the film festival Fill out the application form to submit your films - Contact information -


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