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2022 Award Winners for Ghent Viewpoint Documentary Film Festival Unveiled

Yesterday, the 2022 edition of the Ghent Viewpoint Documentary Film Festival came to an end after a week of screening documentary film gems coming from Belgium and all around the world. As is tradition, the festival took place at Ghent's beloved independent cinema Studio Skoop, where guests could also enjoy a free drink at the cosy Skoop Café. The festival was pleased to kick things off on Monday 18 April with a fully sold out first short film screening, thanks to everyone for coming out! A special thank you also to this year's special guests - filmmakers and crew members of the official selection: Bo Verpoten, Lander Haverals, Sam Geyskens, Vincent Everaerts, Charlotte Gijssels, Thieu Kessels, Filip Drzewiecki, Łukasz Gierańczyk, Ante Pask, Jasper Thoneé, Orly Nurany, Olivier Guy-Watkins, Evi Cats.

Ghent Viewpoint Documentary Film Festival is happy to share with you today the jury's picks for the 2022 awards:

Best Documentary Feature Film: Imad's Childhood (Sweden) by Zahavi Sanjavi Best Documentary Short Film: Don't Forget to Smile (Portugal) by Cai Ning Best Experimental Documentary Film: Your Wild Dogs Want Freedom (Belgium) by Ece Era Best Underground Documentary Film: The Prisoner (Poland) by Łukasz Gierańczyk, Filip Drzewiecki Best Cinéma Vérité Film: The Tears of Bea Smit (Netherlands) by Orly Nurany Best Connecting Cultures Film: Yalman (Iran) by Isa Babae Best Essay Film: My Father’s Naples (Italy) by Alessia Bottone Best Society Documentary Film: God's Children (Spain) by Ekain Irigoien

Best LGBTQ+ Documentary Film: A Letter To My Mother (Iran) by Amina Maher Best Hybrid Documentary Film: Scars (Canada) by Alex Anna Best Health Documentary Film: The Missing One (France) by Rareş Ienasoaie Best Belgian Documentary Film: Kader me in (Belgium) by Evi Cats

The Ghent Viewpoint Documentary Film Festival would like to thank Studio Skoop and Tarkovski Agency for their continued support, and all guests for coming out to enjoy another week full of independent documentary cinema. Starting today, filmmakers can submit their work to the 2023 edition of the festival:


Filmplaneet in Ghent founded the Ghent Viewpoint Documentary Film Festival in 1994, to focus explicitly on documentary films. During its original nine year run, the festival has become a respected international festival and was renowned for its strong, qualitative and independent film selection. Highlights were Frederic Wiseman's 'Domestic Violence', which had it’s world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, and the focus dedicated to the work of American documentary filmmaker Alan Berliner, who presented his latest film personally. In association with S.M.A.K. it also hosted Harmony Korine's photo series ‘Milk Chicken Review’ and ‘Coke Head Swingers’ and the video installation ‘The Diary of Anna Frank. Part II’. The festival has hosted many noteworthy filmmakers: Peter Entell, Albert Maysles, Sergeï Dvortsevoy, Steve James, Heddy Honigman, Kim Longinotto, Michael Glawogger, Hans Van Den Broeck, Monteith McCollum, Gabriel Noble, Deborah Hoffmann, Frances Reid, Thom Vander Beken. Unfortunately, in its original incarnation, the festival came to an end in 2003. Inspired by that original movement, the Ghent Viewpoint Documentary Film Festival was relaunched in 2018, and has since then been continuing to emphasize lesser known, vanguard documentary works and further its tradition of galvanizing budding talent.



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