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Venice Film Week announces 2020 Official Selection

Venice Film Week is excited to announce the Official Selection for its 2020 edition.

We take this opportunity to thank all filmmakers who submitted to the festival and to congratulate those who made the cut. Many great films from all over the world were submitted this year.

A total of 30 films were selected into competition. They will compete for an award in the following categories: Best Narrative Feature Film, Best Documentary Feature Film, Best Animated Feature Film, Best Narrative Short Film, Best Documentary Short Film, Best Animated Short Film and Best Experimental Film.

A few highlights from the selection include:

The Names Of The Flowers (Bolivia) by Bahman Tavoosi. As Bolivia stages the 50th anniversary of Ernesto "Che" Guevara’s death, Julia, an old countryside teacher, is invited to share her historical story with the world: Giving a bowl of soup to the captured guerrilla in her classroom, while he recited a poem about flowers to her, a few hours before his death. The invitation is withdrawn soon after, as other women step forward, claiming the story of “the soup and the flower” as their own.

Stories of the Half-Light (Italy) by Luca Magi. Rostom is a night shelter for homeless people located on the outskirts of a big Italian city. In the dark of the night, the faces of the people who stay there for just one night and the faces of those who have made the place their home are illuminated by the glow of cigarettes and their voices can be heard. Men and women with difficult pasts are exiled to a present life of perpetual waiting. A lost galaxy in which both the past and the future seem out of reach.

Obscure (United States) by Kunlin Wang. Obscure is a coming-of-age journey of a teenage boy who sexually awakens after discovering the sexual relationship between his father figure and sister figure. The sibling love and companionship, which once served to counterbalance familial strangeness, is now disturbed and gradually develops into a sexual attraction and desire.

Darkness of Otherwhere (Japan) by Ayoub Qanir. A young woman gets emotionally caught in a voyeuristic game on the dark shades of Tokyo only to reveal a darker past of her own.

Artemio's Loneliness Vol. 1 (Mexico) by Juan Carlos R. Larrondo. Sex, city lights and daydreaming. Artemio embarks on regular nocturnal escapades to a porn theater and clandestine gay spots downtown. Along the way, he describes his voyeuristic experiences. This is his life. Until he meets Octavio.

Rumori (Italy) by SÄMEN. Visually exploring the emotional complexity of a breakup, Rumori has at its core how the lack of understanding and communication between two people can destroy a relationship. Introspective, subtle and beautifully melancholic, the short film stands as a summary of the endless conversations and sleepless nights experienced as two people gradually drift apart and disappear from each other's minds.

View the entire selection on the Venice Film Week website here.

The Venice Film Week 2020 will take place from the 24th to 28th of August at La Casa del Cinema – Videoteca Pasinetti.



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