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Unveiling Honesty: Oushi Lin's Candid Take in "Thank you for your souvenir, UK!"

Oushi Lin's debut film, "Thank you for your souvenir, UK!", showcased at the recent Super Shorts London Film Festival, marks a remarkable step in her filmmaking journey. Exploring raw honesty and grappling with personal challenges, Lin's graduate work delves into thought-provoking themes, making a bold statement in the cinematic world.

What were the main challenges you faced creating your debut film?

Oushi Lin (OL): My biggest challenge was myself. Procrastination drained me. I started from scratch, managing all aspects within a month, from modeling to sound production.

What's an aspect of your film that you're particularly proud of?

OL: I take pride in being genuine. Addressing this topic in a graduation piece isn't easy, but I felt it was a conversation worth having.

How did you venture into filmmaking?

OL: It felt natural. I found it to be the perfect medium to express my thoughts and emotions.

What upcoming projects are you excited about?

OL: I'm scripting a narrative film centered around family but still in the preparatory phase.

What role do film festivals play in your perspective?

OL: They're like plates holding food. Festivals provide a platform, enabling filmmakers to present their work to a wider audience.

Your take on the future of film?

OL: Film may evolve in its presentation, but its essence remains unchanged.

Which filmmaker do you admire and why?

OL: It's challenging to choose one, but directors like Kon Satoshi, Ang Lee, Edward Yang, Yuasa Masaaki, and Quentin Tarantino are all brilliant. (It's unfortunate they're all male.)

Any recent film that caught your admiration?

OL: "Anatomie d'une chute" by Justine Triet! The way the story unfolds layer by layer is precise and delicate.


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