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For your consideration 'Ala Kachuu' as Best Live Action Short Film

Maria Brendle's Ala Kachuu (Take and Run) voted Film of the Year at Producer's Night Los Angeles is going through the Awards Season!

The film is currently shortlisted in Best Live Action Short categorie and is available to watch on The Academy® Screening Room.

‘Ala Kachuu’ depicts the Kyrgyz tradition of bride-kidnapping, after which the film is named. The synopsis reads, ‘A young Kyrgyz woman is kidnapped and forced to marry. A drama about the desire for freedom in the clutches of a tradition’. Although the custom is prohibited by law in Kyrgyzstan it is still widespread in other regions of the world under the guise of tradition. ‘My aim was to depict its usual course of events, but with a strong character who has the courage to stand up for herself” explains Brendle.

The award-winning Swiss director Maria Brendle graduated from Zurich University of the Arts and the renowned Drehbuchwerkstatt Munich. She works with a focus on women issues.

Nadine Lüchinger & Flavio Gerber from the Swiss Company Filmgerberei produced Ala Kachuu.

The Oscars® winner producer and actress Jaime Ray Newman has boarded as Executive Producer on the project. ‘Even in 2021, to be born female in much of the world means giving up your essential rights as a human being. Maria Brendle’s film is a cry to action and I hope not only the Academy takes notice, but world leaders and decision makers. 51% of the human population deserves better. I am honoured to join forces with Maria and her team of artists to support this vital film’ states Newman.

The film has won over 40 awards worldwide and has already been shown at the Oscar qualifying festivals 11th BronzeLens Film Festival, 45th Cleveland International Film Festival (Audience Choice Award for Best Short), 16th HollyShorts Film Festival and the 38th Flickers’ Rhode Island Film Festival (Marlyn Manson Award 1st prize). The Producer's Night is proud to have its 'Film of the Year' being pitched as one of the major contenders for the nomination for 'Best Live Action Short' film.

"It proves that our concept of promoting independent films to the Hollywood finest works" says The Producer's Night founder Maarten Cornelis.

"Ala Kachuu is a powerful film with a great message, truly Oscar material" according to The Producer's Night curator Kris De Meester, "It proves also that going through a total number of more than 25,000 entries to find this gem is worth it".

Submit your film to one or more of the partner film festivals of The Producer's Night in order to be considered for the 2022 edition, which is scheduled in December 2022.


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